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Fact check: The deepfakes in the disinformation war between Russia and Ukraine | DW News - Mar 18, 2022 |

Videos of Russia's Vladimir Putin and Ukraine's Volodymyr Zelenskyy have been used to create deepfakes with a message that favors their adversary. They are not true, but they still quickly spread online.

Ukraine war: How a 'fact-checking' website is spreading Russian propaganda

"The unprecedented stream of fake news about what is happening in Ukraine is intended to stir up emotions and eliminate rational thinking," the Russian Defense Ministry writes on Twitter, referring to the website war on fakes, where "a group of experts" and "journalists" are allegedly exposing the "most outrageous" false claims. But what is this alleged fact-checking site all about? DW's fact-checking team took a closer look.

No, this father is not saying goodbye to his daughter to "fight against Russia": it was recorded in Donetsk, that population was evacuated to Russia and the video is prior to the Russian aggression against Ukraine | Maldita.es Spanish |

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