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Few realize that the reason why 80 percent of the planet is watching the US and EU next move without any empathy for their failures is that this is a civilizational war touching several aspects of our lives. One field that should not be neglected is education: when the EU decided to be entirely vassalized to the US (TTIP) it had already adapted its university systems, making it a copy of the US one (Bologna Process). This resulted in the fact that linguistic resources were outsourced because they were considered as too costly. The next wave came with an increase in 'summer schools' whose actual goal is to offer the students who can afford them some of the basics they need to actually follow their cursus at the university when the year starts. The result is of course that increasingly, only wealthy students are able to register in arts and humanities (cf. Nato's Cognitive warfare for the emphasis on grooming humanities).
In libraries, the attack was stronger and twofold: computer catalogues (allowing for some purge presented as the result of the poor understanding by programs of anything but English characters) and very expensive online resources (representing nowadays the main share of a library budget).
In the latest decade, all these beacons of modernization were adopted by the Western lackeys, be they the US or the EU ones. This resulted in an extreme gap between the very rich and the (studying) middle class in developing countries, which has now evolved into a cultural/intellectual gap. As a matter of fact, the only way to study properly for the very rich is to study abroad, because no local structures can afford the costs (adding to that the issue of academic publishing, with companies selling books for 200 dollars a piece). The widespread idea that everything is now digitized is mere propaganda (and even digitized material can be sold at high prices) and the part that is is only in hard sciences, conveniently making it impossible for students of developing countries to access the arts and humanities.
by Tom2 on Wed Apr 13th, 2022 at 06:50:36 AM EST
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