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It would seem that being quoted by a Russian official is enough to be "cancelled" (the linked page is now 404, which I guess the lemmies will tell me means the person quoting it 'made it up')

From Russian MoFA Telegram channel...
#Opinion by Maria Zakharova:

We have been saying for the past eight years that the West is training Ukrainian nationalists. The "exceptional" and "civilised" countries refused to listen, but we continued to make our point with facts in hand. That was easy: you only had to go to Ukraine to see the regular events involving SS Waffen veterans, torchlight marches and the huge portraits of Nazi accomplices on buildings in Ivano-Frankovsk, Lvov and Ternopol.
This week, Canadian correspondent Simon Coutu published the results of a simple investigation (https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1873461/canada-regiment-ukrainien-lie-extreme-droite-azov) on his page at Radio Canada. He studied the pictures posted to social media by the National Guard of Ukraine and compared them to the training programmes conducted for the Ukrainian military by the Canadian Department of National Defence. What did he see?

He writes that many photographs made at the Canada-sponsored training centre in Zolochyov show men in fatigues with the symbols of SS divisions Das Reich and Galizien on their sleeve patches. The experts Coutu contacted have confirmed that these men are neo-Nazis, most probably from the Azov regiment. Moreover, Coutu writes that the Azov Regiment has been incorporated into the Ukrainian National Guard as "a special detachment of Military Unit 3057." He also found out that Canada has spent nearly a $1 billion on training the Ukrainian military since 2014. How much of these funds went to train neo-Nazis? It's anybody's guess.

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ok, my mistake, this link is the functioning one (for how long?)
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