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What a joke ...

Where did the weapons and ammunition come from?

A NATO alliance which included most European allies! Germany provided a naval vessel for intelligence for the rebels. NATO Ramstein base coordinated the campaign to overthrow Bashar Assad. Turkey was a key ally to send jihadists into Northern Syria. Major problems when the Sunni rebels affiliated with AQI and bred in the USA torture camps during the Iraq war, came up the Euphrates valley, took Raqqa and joined the rebels in Northern Syria. NATO got into a major quagmire of its own making. HRC-Rice-Powers were the supporters for R2P policy to overthrow Gaddafi and Assad.

Russia's Medvedev Warns for New World War Sparked In Syria | Feb 11, 2016 |

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Democrats and wars in Yemen-Libya-Syria and decision in 2009 for a troops surge in Afghanistan.

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