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The People vs Agent Orange documentary Al Jazeera

After decades of devastation caused by the poisonous herbicide Agent Orange, two heroic women are holding those responsible to account. Tran To Nga from Vietnam and Carol Van Strum from Oregon both seek justice after great personal loss. But their battle is a long, hard one, and not without danger.

Van Strum 1978 kids killed in house fire

Oregon Woman Wages War Against 'Bitter Fog' | Seattle Times - July 7, 1991 |

Tran To Nga's lawsuit against Agent Orange manufacturers rejected by French courts

Chester, VT (May 12, 2021) - The High Court in Evry, France ruled that French-Vietnamese Tran To Nga's human injury litigation against 14 multinational chemical manufacturers of Agent Orange was inadmissible. The court determined they have no jurisdiction over the case as the chemical companies were U.S. government contractors.

Nga's landmark case, which named Monsanto (having since been acquired by Bayer) and Dow Chemical, among others, sought damages for the harmful health e�ects of Agent Orange, that was contaminated with Dioxin during the manufacturing process, on three generations of her family as the result of her exposure during the war.

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