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The European Union is an economic might that cannot be tolerated by DC.

To accommodate NATO and US policy, a rapid expansion across the former Soviet satellite states became doctrine. I have written quite extensively about the decisions from the Bill Clinton years and thereafter. NATO regained its military footing after 9/11 attacks, Article 5 and the Afghan campaign ... the US empire didn't stop in 2001 after the defeat of the Taliban.

A policy to divide the EU got serious support from Donald Rumsfeld by determining there was a New Europe and Old Europe didn't matter. Under Obama with too many war hawks appointed, social conflicts were turned into military conflicts and NATO allies were willing to oblige. The neighborhood partner policies set forth by the EU in Brussels were shredded. International treaties and Geneva conventions were not adhered to.

Under Trump the EU of Brussels were seen as competitor at best, an adversary in daily tasks. NATO didn't matter. The rightwing parties in the States did more to realize Brexit than any undermining activity by the Kremlin. Talk John Bolton and Steve Bannon.

The train has left the station, a new World Order is being realized, the economic blow to the EU-27 will last for many years. The outcome of the war in Ukraine will only know losers. The demise of the EU was a long time coming and after Brexit, Covid-19 pandemic has just received a fatal blow. The founding principles are gone. It's not just Hungary but many more corrupt countries that should been set on probation and not yet become full member. Watch the ECB and amount of debt, the German economy will not be able to prop up other countries.


'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Thu Apr 7th, 2022 at 08:19:05 AM EST

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