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tabloid India | Saudi Arabia Speaks Out Over Ukraine, 24 May University d'OH BULLETIN

Saudi Arabia will maintain its extensive trade relations with both Ukraine and Russia, Economy and Planning Minister Faisal Al-Ibrahim said on Tuesday on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Speaking to Japan's Nikkei newspaper, the minister said Western sanctions against Russia are "unilateral" and will remain as such.

Al-Ibrahim also praised Moscow's role in the OPEC+ format, which unites major oil exporters. The minister said [, AGAIN,] Saudi Arabia does not plan to increase oil output in order to lower prices, explaining that Riyadh is currently focused on supply stability rather a potential increase. He argued that the situation on international energy markets would be "much worse" if not for OPEC's efforts.

menafn | Saudi Arabia sustains extensive exchange ties with Russia, Ukraine, 24 May

Reuters | Stocks tumble on ["]growth concerns["], bond yields slip, 24 May
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