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DAWN | Back to bedlam, 25 May

After initially signalling it would allow the march to proceed, its policy significantly hardened after a Monday meeting attended by the prime minister and his elder brother from London. The PML-N reportedly decided that an early election would not be `dictated' by Imran Khan and gave Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah carte blanche to 'deal' with the PTI marchers.

The minister promptly ordered police parties to 'raid' key PTI leaders' homes in the late hours of Monday and make arrests. Videos and pictures of the police action were uploaded to social media, inviting widespread anger and condemnation.

Worlds Apart | Bridge too far? - Muhammad Athar Javed, 24 May A/V (EN)
India and Pakistan, Russia, and Ukraine. At first glance it might seem that these two pairs of countries have little in common with each other, but scratch beneath the surface and you'll find there are actually quite a few parallels. Both duos were once part of a larger whole, both share many cultural similarities, and both now find themselves in conflict. Could their paths to reconciliation also be somewhat similar?

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