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Russia is being made a pariah state - just like it and the Soviet Union were for most of the last 105 years

Concern grew among the Western countries about potential military confrontation with the Soviet Union. That led in 1949 to the formation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO, as part of the move to contain the Soviet Union militarily.
Following NATO's creation, in 1950 the U.S. State Department proposed a new policy - a top-secret report referred to as "NSC-68" - that emphasized the use of military force over diplomacy in dealing with Soviet power.

    The authors of NSC-68 rejected a renewal of U.S. isolationism, fearing that this would lead to the Soviet domination of Eurasia, and leave the United States marooned on the Western Hemisphere, cut off from the allies and resources it needed to fend off further Soviet encroachments. The report also ruled out a preventive strike against the Soviet Union, because its authors reckoned that such action would not destroy the Soviet military's offensive capacities, and would instead invite retaliatory strikes that would devastate Western Europe. Moreover, U.S. experts did not believe that American public opinion would support measures that might lead to a protracted war. NSC-68 did not rule out the prospect of negotiating with the Soviet Union when it suited the objectives of the United States and its allies; however, the report's authors argued that such an approach would only succeed if the United States could create "political and economic conditions in the free world" sufficient to deter the Soviet Union from pursuing a military solution to the Cold War rivalry.

As the State Department Historian writes:

    "Its authors argued that one of the most pressing threats confronting the United States was the `hostile design' of the Soviet Union. The authors concluded that the Soviet threat would soon be greatly augmented by the addition of more weapons, including nuclear weapons, to the Soviet arsenal. They argued that the best course of action was to respond in kind with a massive build-up of the U.S. military and its weaponry."

More aggressive than Kennan's ideas of containment, this policy called for a massive buildup of U.S. conventional and nuclear arsenals. Soviet ambition would thus be restricted because its leaders would not likely seek a hot war with the West.

President Harry Truman signed off on NSC-68 in September 1950. It remained U.S. policy until the end of the Cold War in 1991.

The containment policy 2.0 was reinstated in 2001 after the 9/11 attacks and Afghan campaign. Ten years of cuts in military spending was now used to rebuild a strong NATO alliance with a new goal: George Bush and Dick Cheney's War on Terror, the threats of Islam and a war of civilization. White supremacy threatened. Europe is now paying an economic price for their military alliance with a super power on a rampage. On Dutch television and radio a daily deluge of warmongering with interviews of war hawks and Russophobes. Yesterday a report from Lithuania and Crowd Funding of Turkish drones and other lethal weapons ... beyond insane. Let's crowd fund a assassin to blow-up the Kremlin.

Making Russia a pariah state became an outspoken policy inside NATO and U.S. State Department from the Bucharest Summit of April 2008 on forward.

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