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Demining the seas ...

Zelensky demands removing the mines won't be used by Russian naval forces to advance on Southern Front.

Former US Ambassador to NATO Ivo Daalder ... a fu*king warmonger gets media space to spout his hate for Russia on Politico ...

The block on shipping can't be broken with missiles alone, but a naval escort could provide the answer | Politico |

So far, diplomacy at the U.N. has made no progress. Russia blames Western sanctions for the global food crisis and Ukraine for blocking shipping by mining its ports. Its proposal to allow grain shipments in return for lifting all sanctions isn't serious. Meanwhile, time is running short, as a new grain harvest will have no place to be stored. 

This would strictly be a humanitarian mission, aimed solely at ensuring safe passage for grain-filled cargo ships from Ukraine, out through the Black Sea. Navy ships from a coalition, preferably including grain-importing countries like Egypt, would escort the freighters, and minesweepers could clear a safe path for the ships. 

Though straightforward in theory, such a naval escort mission would need to overcome two obstacles: Russia and Turkey. 

Russia would have to cooperate, either explicitly or tacitly. If explicit, Moscow would agree to allow the shipments, perhaps after international inspectors verified that only food exports were leaving Ukraine and no weapons were being shipped back. 

A naval escort also carries risks of confrontation, though much less so than policing the vast skies of Ukraine. And given the colossal humanitarian need, the risks are worth taking.

Russia Is Connected to Western Europe

So Daalder, finding it difficult to get out of the mess you helped create by design ... making Russia a pariah state. May you forever be doomed.

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