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Macron's strategy over the past five years has been precisely to promote the far right (RN) as his official opposition; to ensure that the presidential run-off is against their candidate, because he can't lose in that configuration.

The fact that this process of continual validation has shifted the whole political spectrum rightwards is not a problem for him. He presumably believes that they will never be electable; and that the left will stay marginal, because of the focus which is maintained on the Silly Party / Sensible Party dichotomy.

I'm not so sure that the left will disunite. Electorally, electoral alliance is the only route to power for the left; the fractious instincts will be kept in check as long as the new united left performs well in Parliament.

The problem is that Macron is contemptuous of Parliament, and has managed to keep the media focus away from the incompetence of his parliamentarians over the past five years. Constitutional reform to reinforce Parliament is the only long-term solution, and the left is absolutely united on that.

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by eurogreen on Mon May 23rd, 2022 at 08:41:30 AM EST
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