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The conflict began with riots by the Hui and massacres of the Han Chinese, followed by the revenge massacres of the Hui by the Han. It resulted in massive demographic shifts in Northwest China, and led to a population loss of 21 million people from a combination of massacres, migration, famine, and corpse-transmitted plague.

Due to the conflict, Gangsu (Longxi) lost 74.5% (14.55 million) of its population, Shaanxi lost 44.6% (6.2 million) of its population, and Northern Xinjiang lost 72.6% (0.34 million) of its population. The population reduction of Hui in Shaanxi was particularly severe.

According to research by modern historians, at least 4 million Hui were in Shaanxi before the revolt, but only 20,000 remained in the province afterwards, with most of the Hui either killed in massacres and reprisals by government and militia forces, or deported out of the province.

... and the wisdom of a contemporary U.S. Congress is to sanction the Chinese government and preach how not to treat their minorities ... sovereignty has its limits half-way across the globe. UN Charter as defined by former Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton.

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