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Yes, the Exterminator likes to keep the base stirred up, but it's generally known that it's a Moonie rag, which doesn't sit well here except with the sort of white trash imbeciles I went to high school with who are only looking for confirmation of their hate.  And Hannan couldn't tell the truth if you nail-gunned it to his tongue.  But the EU would be wise not to rise to the antics of de Piffle & Co.  It's just a dog and pony show to convince the minions they're pwning the intellectual, internationalist perverts on the continent, same as the GQP here.  But unlike what the GQP can do, the Tories are outside the EU and so can't go Trotskyite, and they lack the weaponry to cause much damage from the outside.
by rifek on Tue May 10th, 2022 at 04:05:55 PM EST
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