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If Russia had been thinking strategically, it would have contemplated how everything west of the Ural mountains is part of Europe. Smart thing to do would have been to apply to join the EU, dump the military spending, and make NATO obsolete.

Now the Russian economy is going to collapse to a state worse than it has been for many decades, they are going to lose any chance of re-integrating Eastern Europe into a new USSR, and they will probably manage to trigger a nuclear war. Hopefully only a limited tactical one that will confine the mushroom clouds and fallout to the immediate area, but very good chance now of step-by-step escalation to WW3.

Brilliant thinking.

Hopefully the general staff will squelch Putin. Probably not though for the same reasons as always.

by asdf on Wed May 11th, 2022 at 12:32:17 AM EST
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