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Is the RF planning to exhaust it's entire defense budget on invading Ukraine? idunno. EUCOM sure hopes so! US + EU (- US Lend-Lease LOC) = far deeper burn rate for "scorched earth" missile defense delivered to Poland to resell to Ukraine at a "discount" (UAH:PLN?) until the EU Ukraine Solidarity Trust Fund starts reverse disbursements.
TASS | Russia's national defense budget to total $154B through 2022, 1 Oct 2019
"Budgetary provisions for 'National defense' will total 3.1 trillion rubles ($47.7 bln) in 2020, 3.24 trillion rubles ($50 bln) in 2021, and 3.3 trillion rubles ($51.3 bln) in 2022. The share of expenditures on 'National defense' will stand at 2.4% of GDP in 2020, 2.7% of GDP in 2021, and 2.6% of GDP in 2022," the document said.
oil and gas revenue piling up ... MEANWHILE
Seven European nations have increased defense budgets in one month., 22 Mar
to the point that six NATO members have now pledged defense increases of $133 [!] so far; militarily neutral Sweden has also pledged an increase. And more nations seem poised to follow suit in the days and weeks to come.
by Cat on Wed May 11th, 2022 at 12:36:08 AM EST
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