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On the subject of things the Russians are unexpectedly bad at :

Cyber attacks. Outside of Ukraine itself (where they seem to have had some success) ... nothing happened.

In Europe and the USA, a lot of effort has been put into cyber defense in the past few years, mostly because of Russian private-enterprise ransomeware etc, but also to harden vital systems against state actors.

So, logically enough, in terms of vital infrastructure, it's probably pretty hard to find targets that are both soft and strategic.
Also, state-sponsored attacks would certainly trigger state-sponsored counter-attacks. And I wouldn't be surprised if western actors turned out to be better at it, in which case the Russian economy could take a severe hit.

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by eurogreen on Thu May 12th, 2022 at 08:29:36 AM EST
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I've certainly argued for years that the Russian hacking threat was only marginally more real than Havana syndrome. I still remember the NATO cyber center that got set up in the Baltics after they had suffered a "Russian"cyberattack for which they arrested one student after a few months. And it hasn't gotten all that more plausible since then. You can certainly claim that the Russians have attacked the electoral system and the electrical grid, but apparently you can also claim that the Russians shot you with a gun that causes hangover symptoms on your way back from an all-night bender with Congress nodding sagely and handing you barrels of cash.
Of course western actors are going to be better at this, you could easily drown the whole Russian surface navy in their budgets and I don't think I've seen even the most paranoid claim the Russians ever pulled off anything comparable to that Iranian enrichment plant.
by generic on Thu May 12th, 2022 at 05:59:09 PM EST
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