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I responded to this statement.
The council of Europe is not part of the EU

Both "councils" are formed by one set of EU member heads of state. Both councils reserve exclusive political rights to its members to "conclude" EU-member treaties, EU-member policy objectives, and EP uhh endorsement of EC authorities, delegated by these councils to portfolio managers who propose legislative directives ultimately addressed to the several national legislatures to enact, or not, in their legal codes.

I had assumed, having myriad infographics depicting  EU Withdrawal Agreement processing behind us,  correspondents here had formed unequivocal agreement as to authorities vested in this "dual-use" supranational body established by successive TEUs. Of course, I am incorrect. If one council is not part of the EU, neither council is part of the EU.

Besides, corporations are not people.

Everyone the world over can now confidently disregard councils' decision-making mechanisms, publicity stunts, and memos.

Joe knows which way the wind blow.

PRESIDENT BIDEN: ... I joked when the Union was formally formed, saying this is like -- we have a thing called the "Commerce Clause."
PRESIDENT BIDEN:  You go from one state to the other --
PRESIDENT BIDEN:  -- you don't have to go through checkpoints.  (Laughs.)  Well, it's sort of Europe's Commerce Clause.  
by Cat on Fri May 13th, 2022 at 05:03:48 PM EST
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