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Dividing Europe ... the main player of course has been the United States this century.

Battle for Europe

Europe once ruled the world, but nowadays Chinese President Xi Jinping sees the continent as a conquest. He has been buying influence for years and is trying to break up the European Union. Russia feels threatened and President Putin is conducting covert operations to disrupt NATO. Both think that a strong Europe stands in the way of their global ambitions. President Trump, meanwhile, made it easy for the Russians and Chinese by turning away from his closest allies and launching an attack on European institutions.

With the continent under siege from all sides, political leaders are grappling with an answer. The corona crisis has added to the challenge even further. In addition to a geopolitical, financial and political crisis, now there is a health crisis to deal with, while Brexit and climate change have still not been resolved. Is Europe strong enough to face all these challenges? Will we remain a main player in the world or will we become the playground of the world powers? A lot is at stake for European citizens, because the latter means less prosperity and more insecurity.

The Battle of Europe is a plea to face reality and make new choices, written by one of the greatest geopolitical thinkers of our time.

Just as the strategy of the hegemon was to play out China and the Soviet Union against each other, so was the task of the US after the Maastricht Treaty to prevent the Russian Federation to be allied economically with Europe. Destroy any economic competitor, create political chaos and profit from it. Peace in our time is not an option ... slowly the planet will sink into the extreme heat of our Sun.

Never, ever witness so much self interest all around ... the survival of the fittest. The stakes are stacked against the socially weak in our society. Inequality will be nourished, not solved in the mindset of ultra conservatives Goldwater style.

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Tue May 10th, 2022 at 05:53:49 AM EST

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