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Fintan O'Toole finally gets the message about what is really at stake over the protocol conflict: Truss's latest take on NI protocol reveals what is really going on.

Basically his take on Truss' recent speech is that she wants to use N. Ireland as a back door for southern hemisphere food conglomerates into the Single market. She is trying to negotiate trade deals with them and has few carrots to offer, so she is offering back door access  to the Single Market in return for "Global Britain's" access to their markets.

Surprisingly, the Commission is not enamoured with the idea... Neither should N. Ireland farmers be too keen on the idea if they weren't so blinded by their need to maintain their "British" identity. This was never about N. Ireland or its best interests. The UK government can't afford N. Ireland to succeed while the rest of the UK fails for lack of access to markets. That might show up the fallacy of Brexit.

But as usual, the UK government can rely on the DUP to act as useful idiots.

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