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Tom Cotton Threading On Hot Coals of War | Aug. 12, 2017 |

    Russia has invested considerable energy into developing A2AD capabilities and carefully positioning them to maximize their strategic effect. Russia's A2AD deployments span as far north as the Arctic down to Syria, with particular concentrations in Kaliningrad and around Crimea - a sort of "thicket of overlapping and redundant A2/AD systems."  

    In the event of a crisis, such deployments would complicate NATO's ability to access key areas such as the Baltics or Poland. These relative weaknesses within NATO could increase the attractiveness to Russia of a fait-accompli.

Remember Barack Obama bull$hitting the global community ... placing anti-missile systems in "New Europe" because of the ICBM threat from ... Iran!

Why Russia's Kaliningrad Naval Base Poses a Deadly Dilemma for NATO

Assessing Russian Reactions to U.S. and NATO Posture Enhancements | RAND Corp. |

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