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U.S.: Rumsfeld's 'Old' And 'New' Europe Touches On Uneasy Divide | RFERL - Jan. 24, 2003 |

It's not clear how far Rumsfeld's comments represent official U.S. thinking on Europe, although they clearly echo remarks by President George W. Bush at last year's NATO summit in Prague and immediately afterward. It was in Prague that the military alliance agreed to invite the seven new members: Slovenia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Bulgaria, and Romania.

Speaking in Vilnius the day after the summit, Bush praised the Lithuanians -- and, by extension, all of the citizens of NATO's former communist states -- by saying that life under a dictatorship had made them more appreciative of human freedom.

"You have known cruel oppression, and you withstood it. You were held captive by an empire and you outlived it. And because you have paid its cost, you know the value of human freedom."

It's also not clear yet how far NATO's new members can go toward pleasing the U.S. without jeopardizing their -- arguably greater -- interests in joining the European Union, where France and Germany hold most of the cards and where being part of the "old" Europe is vastly preferable to being part of the "new."

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by Oui (Oui) on Wed Jun 22nd, 2022 at 10:12:16 AM EST
Different date, new war, now Europe is fighting America's war on its own continent - damn stupidity.

The Vilnius 10 Group signed a letter in support of American military intervention in Iraq | EU Observer - Feb. 6, 2003 |

The Vilnius 10 group, composed of Slovakia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Romania, Slovenia, Albania, Croatia and Macedonia on Wednesday signed a letter in support of American military intervention in Iraq.

The Vilnius 10 said that US Secretary of State Colin Powell had proved to the UN Security Council that Iraq had clearly violated UN resolutions. The signatories are also willing to participate in the international coalition for the disarmament of Iraq.
The letter was drafted on Wednesday before and after the speech of US Secretary of State Colin Powell, in which he submitted evidence that Iraq does not respect UN resolutions.

In the draft letter seen by EUobserver, the Foreign Ministers of the ten countries state that they "understand the dangers posed by tyranny and the special responsibility of democracies to defend our shared values".

They support the declaration made at the Prague NATO Summit in November, which asked for full disarmament of Iraq as stipulated by the UN Security Council resolution 1441. They also make reference to the "international efforts to achieve a peaceful disarmament of Iraq".

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by Oui (Oui) on Wed Jun 22nd, 2022 at 10:13:25 AM EST
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General Colin Powell and the My Lai report of the Vietnam War.

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Colin Powell's Vietnam Fog | The Nation - May 2001 |

Journalist Seymour Hersh and the My Lai massacre.

The matter could not be smothered, and in November of 1969, journalist Seymour Hersh exposed C Company's massacre of civilians at My Lai.

So America put actors in the White House, lately a clown with Jan 6th insurrection and found an actor to lead Ukraine into war with Russia after the chocolate king Poroshenko failed to reconquer Crimea and the Donbas. A sad balance of corruption, lies and warmongering. Not my moral values ... so much BS.

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