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Industrial South-East of Ukraine has been invaded by Russia and a process of annexation is underway ...

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Ukraine Growth Study Final Document | World Bank - 2018 |

Openness to the outside world, adoption of new technologies and a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit is driving this transformation of the Ukrainian automotive industry. Similar trends are occurring in agriculture and information technology (IT). In just a decade Ukraine has become one of the leading exporters of grain in the world. And, with over 100,000 Microsoft certified software professionals the IT sector in Ukraine is now Europe's largest software development industry. There are many such examples of drivers of Ukraine's new economy in other sectors, too.

Today, Ukraine is at a crossroads: despite impressive success in some sectors, the foundations of the emerging new economy are still fragile, and the old economy is still having a strong negative effect on growth. The rate of growth of the new economy is still too anemic to absorb the excess supply of workers released by the old economy and by new entrants to the labor force. Many young Ukrainians have opted to emigrate, attracted by higher expected earnings in neighboring countries and elsewhere. In 2017 over one million Ukrainians worked in Poland, with several hundreds of thousands in other neighboring countries. The reliance on commodity-based exports, short-term foreign savings, and foreign remittances has made Ukraine's growth trajectory volatile and unsustainable.

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