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The plan was to inveigle the paramilitaries on all sides into the political process. That worked very well on the nationalist side, but less so on the loyalist side, where there are still thousands of armed loyalists linked to various paramilitary groups under the umbrella of the Loyalist Communities Council.

However it has ossified into a situation where a party with 21% of the vote can hold the entire polity to ransom over an issue that polity has no control over. They are even trying to hold the UK government and EU to ransom over the issue, claiming that the Good Friday Agreement, its institutions, and the peace process will collapse if their demands aren't met.

Somehow Boris has bought the line that the peace process is all about keeping hardline loyalists on board, and everyone else doesn't matter. That may not be entirely unrelated to the fact that there are close links between the DUP and ERG, on whom Boris depends for his political survival.

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