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Sir Winston Churchill rightly found his Waterloo in London politics.

So concerned was the Prime Minister Winston Churchill, that in the spring of 1945 he ordered his Chiefs of Staff to prepare a plan to attack the Soviet Empire.

Operation Unthinkable - Churchill's plans to invade the Soviet Union

In the 1990s in America the strategy got a face lift and became part of American think tanks to confront Russia. See amongst others, architects Paul Wolfowitz, Bill Kristol, Douglas Feith known as a group neo-Conservatives or neocons. The rightwing extreme fascist blue print from the era of Barry Goldwater.

The Blob emerged from World War II, worry incessantly about the "collapse of the American security order"

Some refer to the Blob as the Deep State or for the common man, the security state as foreseen by George Orwell in his book 1984, The Invasion of Privacy leading to a nuclear war.

    One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. Now you begin to understand me."  

    "The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." ― George Orwell

See latest reference to the Blob by Cat.

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Build a Better Blob | CATO Institute - May 29, 2020 |

"The Blob is not the problem," they conclude. "It is the solution."  They are wrong. For the most part, the Blob clings to a narrow set of views about the United States' global role and paints a far too rosy picture of the last few decades of American foreign policy. Its outlook, albeit widespread, should not be confused with expertise--but the idea of the Blob has become so slippery as to enable such p conflation.

So Joe Biden found this Churchillian blue print in his Oval Office hidden compartment "when all new ideas fail ..." revert to the past and start a New Cold War.

Criticism of the establishment CFR.

Vanguard of the 'Deep State'? The Council on Foreign Relations Centennial & the Future of the New World Order

Trickery. To cover-up their operations, intelligence community introduces a conspiracy to obfuscate facts. Spill some truths with obvious false flag intent.

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The Obama Fun Couple Samantha Power - Cass Sunstein

    On September 15, 2015, President Obama issued an Executive Order recommending that executive departments and agencies use "behavioral science insights to better serve the American people." The articles in this special section were already in press when the order was issued, and this serendipity further underscores the timeliness of this special section.

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Early February 2022 newsletter, run-up to all out war ...

National Security Daily

From the SitRoom to the E-Ring, the inside scoop on defense, national security and foreign policy

Could the U.S. prevent a war by giving up on NATO expansion? ... incessantly about the collapse of the American security order in Europe.

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The West Débuts a New Strategy to Confront a Historic "Inflection Point" | The New Yorker - July 1, 2022 |

NATO vowed to ramp up troop presence and war matériel to secure Europe against future Russian aggression and to aid Ukraine's campaign, for "as long as it takes".

From my diary ...

Madrid Summit: NATO Goes Global

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