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Guardian | Ukrainian strike on Russian-held town attributed to US-supplied missile, 12 July fertilizer and human casualties
At least seven people were reportedly killed by a Ukrainian missile strike on a large ["]ammunition["] store in the town of Nova Kakhovka, in Russia-occupied Kherson [oblast], in a strike attributed to recently acquired US weapons.

The claims of fatalities were made by the Russian-installed administration in the town and could not be immediately verified, though footage on social media showed a large explosion lighting up the night, burning ammunition and towering smoke.
Kyiv said it had launched artillery barrages that a destroyed a Russian arms depot, hitting artillery, armoured vehicles "and a warehouse with ammunition", and in addition carried out a "special operation" to free military captives in the Moscow-controlled region. Russian-backed authorities accused Ukraine of damaging civilian infrastructure.
Officials from the Russian-installed administration said the strike destroyed warehouses containing saltpetre [potassium nitrate], a chemical compound that can be used to make fertiliser or gunpowder.

CNN | Ukraine's harvest becomes the new battlefield, as fires blacken its arable heartlands, 11 July
Targeted assaults
Ukrainian officials are in no doubt that part of Russia's strategy is to destroy Ukraine's agricultural wealth....
agweb | Ukrainian Farmers Destroy Harvest Equipment to Keep Russians from Taking Crops, 27 June
Last week, police in the southern Kherson region, one of Ukraine's most productive arable areas, opened criminal proceedings over "the purposeful destruction" of crops by the Russian military....
South Front | Ukrainian helicopters burn harvest in Kherson region, 8 July A/V
The police accused Russian forces of "shelling agricultural land with incendiary shells. Large-scale fires occur every day, hundreds of hectares of wheat, barley and other grain crops have already burned."...
Reuters | Ukraine southern Odesa region starts 2022 grain harvest, 13 June
"Ukraine has already completed the 2022 grain sowing but the agriculture ministry gave no 2022 grain crop outlook."
Reuters | Ukraine sees 2022 harvest of around 48.5 million tonnes - deputy minister, 13 June
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