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There is one important narrative that does not seem to get much play in the wider Ukraine Conflict discussion. ... That is:

NATO is a tool of White Supremacism

While this may seem 'off topic', it certainly is not. NATO is at war with Russia and their activities must be seen from this essential historical and contemporary aspect.

Historically, the NATO nations were the ones who colonized non-whites around the world. NATO nations were the ones who conducted the barbaric Trans-Atlantic slave trade. ... On the other hand, Russia never enslaved Africa.

In more contemporary times, NATO countries have conducted the brutal bombing of non-white countries: Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Pakistan, and Federal Yugoslavia (whom, by their Aryan doctrine are considered 'mixed blood' sub-humans). ... Moreover, NATO countries are always siding with 'racial superiority' ideologues and promoting this poison upon unsuspecting populations. AZOV, AIDAR, etc. in Ukraine. Right wing death squads in Latin America. The list can go on with each 'Color Revolution'. ... This is a clear pattern of global White Supremacism.

Interestingly, it was Russians who spearheaded the effort for De-Colonialization from these NATO predators. Russia supported the movements against Apartheid in South Africa, and the liberations of Namibia, Angola, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique, for example.

The European idea of colonialization was pure racial greed. It was a one-way benefit policy of 'Extraction & Exploitation'. ... On the other hand, we see the opposite from BRICS and China's BRI in the form of 'Construction & Commitment' to actually improve African countries and the people who live there. ... Again, NATO is clearly racist.

So, my recommendation is to make this reality a common point of discussion (in chat rooms, twitter, telegram, etc.) in the world, when it comes to Ukraine Conflict. ... NATO is a tool of White Supremacism, and its goals and motivations must be seen first and foremost in this light.

Perhaps I can suggest a 'Theme Song' for the struggles of this wider conflict, and NATO's racist oppression of the world. ... I would select Bob Marley & the Wailers' classic, "War". I think it captures the spirit of what Russia and the Rising Global East & South are trying to accomplish. It is perfect. ... Check it out here:

Let everyone know that this is a War against NATO White Supremacy. Those people-of-color within NATO nations must rise up against this cancer too. ... Let me know if you dig the vibe.

by Cat on Mon Jun 20th, 2022 at 10:27:11 PM EST
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