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APsplainin Biden, Bolsonaro to hold first meeting amid election worries, 7 June conditional RSVP
• a private meeting (ghosting Trump-Zelensk* 2020)
• no criticism over deforestation
• no criticism of electoral system reliability
• no mention of Supreme Court of Brazil
A spokesperson for the U.S. State Department did not address questions about the requested preconditions. [...] Brazil's presidential palace did not respond to a request for comment about the tenor of the Burns meeting. The CIA declined to comment.
WNN | Brazil resumes uranium mining at Caetité, Dec 2020 locationm, location, location
A ceremony was held yesterday at the mine site, during which a detonation was carried out, symbolising the beginning of open pit mining in a new area, the Engenho mine.
He added: "Today, INB is resuming production of uranium in Caetité, generating with this jobs in the order of 600 direct and about 1800 indirect. With this, there will be an injection of financial resources in the local economy of approximately 76 million reals (USD14.6 million) per year and almost 30 million per year in the collection of state and municipal taxes."

Minister of Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque, who attended the ceremony, said: "This resumption is the first phase to consolidate our proposal to make Brazil self-sufficient and a yellowcake exporter."

DE | Uranium mining given greenlight in Brazil, 7 June
Uranium mining was long banned in the Brazilian state of Ceara. But shortly after the start of the war in Ukraine, Jair Bolsonaro allowed mining to start.
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