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Newsweek | Ukraine to Call Up Women Over 20 for Armed Forces "to join the fight against" Minsk I-II
Ukrainian finance minister Natalya Yaresko estimated the war is costing Ukraine $10 million dollars a day, earlier today. European finance ministers agreed to loan Ukraine €1.5 billion in addition to the €15 billion loan programme agreed by the EU and Ukraine last March, as the Ministry of Finance has estimated that the war has shrunk the country's economy by 20%.

However, Kiev is unwilling to scale back its military in response to its economic problems as it is now prepared to extend the bracket for the nation-wide call to military service towards female citizens in a bid to reinforce its national security services and deliver on its plans to mobilise and enlist 200,000 Ukrainians in its arm forces by the end of 2015.

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Ukrainian finance minister Natalya Yaresko

I think she is still a U.S. citizen....

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She's made a few lateral moves for her employer since 2015, as is the custom
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South Front | Ukranian women [protest] sexual exploitation in Europe, 28 June
In a interview published on Monday, June 27, Reuters' senior human rights advisor Heather Fischer, who is investigating the case, said: "European women, Eastern European woman, Ukrainian women, are already at risk, and often are lured and groomed and recruited into sex trafficking (...) So you put crisis on top of that, and now you have a recipe for increased spikes of demand for human trafficking (...) This might seem innocuous at first to the outside observer, but these trends can actually provide sort of an impetus for traffickers to capitalize the demand
In an investigation conducted by The Times in April, it was possible to observe several sexual predators offering shelter and Ukrainian refugees in Facebook groups. Some openly demanded sexual favors while others spoke more moderately but using suggestive vocabulary.

However, although investigations about this type of exploratory activity have been taking place since February, nothing has been done to protect these women so far. State authorities have blamed sexual predation on digital platforms that are unable to control such criminals' access to refugee assistance networks.

Pravda-com.ua | From facebook to interrogations. Why the ombudsman Denisova lost her position, 27 June
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