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Focus Washington | Sauli Niinistö: Finland Won't Join NATO Without Sweden, 13 June

not that old "Gold Coast", the NEW! one

YLE | Gold Coast Debates 2022, 12 June A/V, mostly EN (ironically), episodes 1- 5, in which FI President Sauli Niinistö and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg ruminate courses of mutual national security in the event Türkiye (FKA Turkey) vetoes either SE or FI application to enroll in NATO.

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DW | 7 countries that changed their names -- and why, 2 June post-colonial,
FYROM palimpsest edition
Sometimes it's politics, other times a break from history or even marketing

archived east asia and the pacific Sec. 7043. (a) Burma.-- (*-Eng.)

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