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Egypt's production of gas has skyrocketed close to 7 billion cubic feet | Egypt Independent |

Egypt and other gas-producing countries will benefit from directing gas to bridge the gap in Europe.

It is the peoples who pay the price of global food crises, he added, pointing out that it is necessary to work to reduce tensions in the Middle East, referring to countries that work on electrical interconnection projects with Egypt.

Egypt will benefit from using its infrastructure and its more than 130 years of experience to export its own gas, or the gas of neighboring countries such as Cyprus and Israel, he added.

He said that Egypt's production of gas is currently close to 7 billion cubic feet, pointing out that only Egypt and Algeria have gas liquefaction stations as Mediterranean countries have no infrastructure to build gas liquefaction plants.

The East Mediterranean Gas Forum (EMGF) was established by the end of 2020 by Egypt, Israel, Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Jordan to be an international organization that respects the rights of members regarding their natural resources in accordance with the principles of international law and supports their efforts to benefit from their oil reserves and infrastructure in order to secure their energy needs for the well-being of their peoples, according to a statement by the Egyptian Petroleum Ministry.

VDL in a hurry, talks hydrocarbons, NOT human rights ...

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Entrance of a US oil giant with deep Saudi ties signals end to Arab boycott of Israel

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