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Riding the success of the Abraham Accords, Israel sets its sights on Pakistan | The New Arab - Richard Silverstein |

A visit by a Pakistani-American interfaith group to Israel has sparked outrage in Pakistan, but behind the veneer of "dialogue", the group's leader, Anila Ali, has promoted Islamophobic views, writes Richard Silverstein.

Demonstrators take part in a protest against the Abraham Accords agreement between Israel and and the United Arab Emirates to normalise diplomatic relations, in Karachi on August 16, 2020. [Getty]

Last week, a Pakistani-American delegation arrived in Israel, perhaps for the first time ever. Israelis lionised the visitors. They viewed it as yet another sign that the normalisation process set in motion by the Abraham Accords was succeeding. Arab states appeared to be falling like dominos in the face of the Israeli charm offensive, and now there was a possibility that Pakistan could be next.

The guests met with the President. They visited the Kotel and Haram al-Sharif. They spoke effusively of brotherhood between Pakistan and Israel. Their tour guides were purportedly both Jewish and Palestinian.

Initial reports in Israeli media were short on facts and long on self-congratulation. But a subsequent report on NPR filled in some details. It noted that the trip organiser was a Pakistani-American, Anila Ali, an Orange County (CA) schoolteacher.

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US-Pakistan Relations on a Cliff Edge

Post US defeat in Afghanistan, ousted by the Taliban, leaving behind the country in a ruined state .. another immense human disaster. The power brokers in Central Asia will be its neighbours: China, Russia, and Turkey. Important nations are Iran, Pakistan and India. All of these states have been outspoken to criticize the foreign policy of both Trump and Biden administrations. Most have been targeted by US economic sanctions. A major shift in alliances is taking place.

Money Talks ... The Arab World | Sept 18. 2018 |

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is being widely praised for his drastic steps, including the austerity measures he took within one month of coming into power.

His first official visit to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates is even more commendable for it will largely be focused on the financial bailout plan for his country in addition to mending ties that saw a downward trend in recent years due to blunders committed by his predecessors.

Pakistan Warming Up Ties with Iran | Sept 1, 2018 |

This is a major news story. Ever since the 9/11 attacks on America, Pakistan has carried the brunt of US harsh war policy in the AfPak region. The ties with the US has deteriorated ever since, also under the Obama administration. Harsh criticism by president Trump and threats has separated the two nations even further. In the meantime US relations with Saudi Arabia has created a new alliance with Israel to the detriment of the Palestinian people and its UNRWA refugees.

○ US confirms end to funding for UN Palestinian refugees | The Guardian |

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