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... at 20:00 CEST:

NUPES (Left): 156 seats
Ensemble (Macron, Bayrou): 224 seats
LR (Right, Sarkozy,...): 78 seats
RN (Le Pen): 89 seats
Others (Left): 21 seats
Others (Centrist): 4 seats
Others (Regionalists): 12 seats

These are very preliminary estimates and I noted that the figures vary, depending on the polling institute. It will continue to move as results come in during the evening, especially from big cities where polling stations just closed a few minutes ago.

The relative majority for Macron is definitely what's on the menu. The most likely results will be a coalition between Ensemble and the LR party (now a kingmaker).

Also of note the higher than expected RN extreme right score, mostly to the detriment of Ensemble, confirming their footprint in "peripheral" territories, away from the big metropolises.

by Bernard (bernard) on Sun Jun 19th, 2022 at 06:22:21 PM EST

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