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Elections législatives 2022 : la recomposition politique se confirme - Le Monde.fr
Les élections législatives de 2022 marquent une recomposition profonde du paysage politique français. Si 2017 a vu le dépassement du clivage droite-gauche, notamment avec l'élection d'Emmanuel Macron, suivie par la vague de députés élus de La République en marche (LRM), 2022 est l'année de la tripartition. Trois pôles de poids équivalent structurent l'offre politique.

Their reading is that French politics has evolved from two blocks (right-wing & left-wing) to three "of equivalent weight": Left, "Center" and Extreme right.

That's one reading. You might also consider that the two left & right poles are still there and it's just the extreme right that has grown, to the detriment of the former Gaullist/Chirac/Sarkozy party, now called LR. In addition, many LR have defected to Macron's LREM, which has now become the de facto mainstream right party. Similarly, Macron has been able to lure some of the more conservative socialists (or assimilated to the PS, like the present PM, Elisabeth Borne) to grow the LREM ranks and maintain the fiction that it is a fusion of right and left (yeah, right).

by Bernard (bernard) on Sat Jun 11th, 2022 at 12:13:57 PM EST
Um. It's hard. But I will try to give my impression of the big picture, which will probably change this evening...

Citizens in France have, in a large proportion,  forgotten or never learned that Left/Right is a thing.

The current three blocs, for me, are Left, Right, and Don't Know but Angry.

The third group vote Le Pen.
Reconquête (Zemmour), les Républicains, and the Macronists are three flavours of Right. The fact that they are currently running against each other is useful.

The left is united. (Well, there are numerous dissidents, mostly from the PS, who refuse to admit that they are no longer the navel of the world ; but mostly, they stand in districts which are safe for the left, and may have a useful bridging function for electors who are reluctant to vote further left in the first round.)

The third bloc are mostly people who have no political references to analyse the world with. They are more racist than average, but is not necessarily their primary motivation in voting RN. They are angry about a lot of things, some of which are indeed the responsibility of the current government. (There is also an ideological minority, which includes all of the party's activists, who are way more extreme in their views than the party's current program; but most of these have bled away to Zemmour, whose electorate is largely bourgeois).
A large part of the motivation of Mélenchon's populist positioning over the past decade has been to offer those third-bloc voters a way out of their dead end, and into the political spectrum.

This effect will be crucial to many second-round run-offs between Macronists and NUPES.  And to any possibility of a left majority,  not that I can see that.

It is rightly acknowledged that people of faith have no monopoly of virtue - Queen Elizabeth II

by eurogreen on Sun Jun 12th, 2022 at 08:27:29 AM EST
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