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I'm a little bit disappointed, but only because of the wild hopes of the past few weeks. This is a great result for the left, considering where it's come from. And it can be amplified by mobilising the very large number of Mélenchon voters from the presidential election who didn't bother to vote today.

Differential abstemtion is often a key to an election. Today it seems to have been evenly spread between the left and various shades of right.

Team Macron (slightly) and Team Le Pen under-performed with respect to the presidential results, which is a fair indication of the dynamics of the (non-)campaign.

Hyperlocal results :

  • My own district is mostly bourgeois inner-city Lyon, and has never elected an MP from the left. The Green candidate will fight the second round against a sitting  Macronist MP, and presumably lose it, unless there is a major mobilisation of NUPES voters. About 55% of electors voted, better than the terrible national average, but leaving a considerable reservoir of electors who voted for Mélenchon but didn't turn out today. So... differential abstention, who knows?
  • The neighbouring district that I have been pasting posters in for the last few weeks has always been on the left for the past hundred years... the candidate "parachuted" in by Nupes, who happens to be Mélenchon's son in law, will have an easy second round, having got 40% today (and numerous left-wing independents eliminated).

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by eurogreen on Sun Jun 12th, 2022 at 09:29:30 PM EST

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