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Is RAND still around?

I vividly recall the report on the Vietnam War, even got one of their own in Kennedy's cabinet as Secretary of Defense. The report became infamous through hero whistle-blower Daniel Ellsberg.

The most famous leak in history nearly sent Daniel Ellsberg to prison for espionage

After 18 months and dozens of researchers, RAND delivered the 60-pound set to McNamara under the title, "United States-Vietnam Relations, 1945-1967."

The findings, which showed the Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson administrations repeatedly lied to the American public, were damning.

The U.S. had geographically expanded its war with the bombing of Cambodia and Laos and coastal raids on North Vietnam, which was unreported in U.S. media. The Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations had perhaps violated the Geneva Accords. Kennedy knew of plans to overthrow South Vietnamese leader Ngo Dinh Diem well before the 1963 coup.

And Johnson had decided to increase American involvement in Vietnam, while publicly saying "we seek no wider war" during his 1964 presidential campaign.

    In 1968 after the TET offensive by the Viet Cong early February on multiple fronts including the capital Saigon, the false military reports through the media became quite clear. The anti-Vietnam protests surged across the globe with chants and signs: "Johnson murderer". Protesters would be arrested as it was against the law in The Netherlands to insult the leader of a friendly ally.

Further, a Johnson administration Defense Department memo said that 70 percent of the reason the U.S. should remain in the Vietnam War was "to avoid a humiliating U.S. defeat."

Throughout 1969, Ellsberg lived a double life. As an advisor on Vietnam policy to newly-inaugurated President Richard M. Nixon and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger [betrayal and treachery of Paris Peace Talks of 1968 negotiations with  North Vietnamese], he grew increasingly frustrated with their insistence on expanding the war. He also began attending peace rallies and lectures.

Ellsberg knew leaking the report would be damaging to the president's case for escalation, "evidence of a quarter century of aggression, broken treaties, deceptions, stolen elections, lies and murder."

In Retrospect: The Tragedy and Lessons of Vietnam | By Robert S. McNamara - 1995 |

In essence little has changed in deception and war propaganda by the Pentagon and political leadership in Washington DC. Likely more brutal, arrogant and disregard for human life.

This brief summary also highlights my reasoning to leave the US and seek employment in Europe in the late sixties. Unfortunately, America in the person of Joe Biden followed me to Europe to create chaos. The American Way of Life.

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