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While the $750B Lugano venture capital pitch idles, EU is accepting pirate guideline advice from Ukraine's Justice Minister Denys Maliuska -- graduate of the 9/11 School of Occasional Sovereign Immunities Law.

euractive | EU ["]freezes["] Russian assets worth €13.8 billion, but struggles to move towards seizure

"For the moment, we have frozen confiscated - coming from oligarchs and other entities - €13.8 billion, so it's quite huge," European Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders told reporters in Prague.... German Finance Minister Christian Lindner put the value of assets frozen confiscated by the country alone at €4.48 billion in mid-June. At the end of June, [the Russian Elites, Proxies, and Oligarchs Task Force (REPO) ] said its members, including several EU countries, had blocked confiscated $30 billion in assets belonging to Russian oligarchs and officials.
reputed, deputed, noncombatant state actors
Ukraine's Justice Minister Denys Maliuska in Prague on Tuesday repeated calls for seized assets to be used to cover compensation for war damages.

"Currently they are protected by sovereign immunity [statutes of which nations?], but our understanding is that assets [such as citizens] of a state (that) started a war, committed aggression, shall not be protected by sovereign immunity," he said. "We are suffering from economic losses, and it does not make sense to [re]cover all those losses with Ukrainian or European taxpayers' money," Maliuska added.

"exploring" summary judgment
Many [EU] member states, for various reasons, are struggling to freeze confiscate assets of people sanctioned by the [European Council which "is not part of the EU"] for their ["]ties["] to the Kremlin government of the Russian Federation. Furthermore, they lack legal powers to confiscate frozen assets.
common EU rules, in theory, would make it easier to investigate, prosecute, and punish violations [by anyone of [European Council of the European Union] sanctions against any foreign state] and, in the next step, seize assets with the help of the new 'Freeze and Seize' Task Force, set up by the Commission in March [to raid Gazprom Germania?].
To determine the feasibility of seizures, the European Commission earlier this month gave its approval to a pilot project to explore aspects such as sanction adoption, asset freezes forfeiture, asset confiscation, and ["]reintroduction["] of the confiscated assets into [WHOSE?] national economy for ["]social use["], as well as into the EU budget for public spending in Ukraine.
Politico.eu.com | LAWLESS EUROPE: How EU states defy The Law and get away with it, 6 July
"Poland and Hungary are just the tip of the iceberg ...The stories they brought back from the four corners of the EU show widespread defiance of laws cooked up in Brussels"
archived EU constitution, infringement procedures
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Judgment of the Court in Case C-348/20 P | Nord Stream 2 v Parliament and Council [of the European Union]
However, by concluding that, in the absence of transposing measures adopted by the Member States, a directive cannot by itself, in any circumstances, create obligations for an individual, or be the direct and immediate source of such obligations, or consequently directly affect the legal situation of the person concerned, the General Court infringed its obligation to assess those effects having regard to the substance of the legal act concerned and not to its form.

The Court also holds that the amending directive, by extending the scope of application of the gas directive to interconnectors located between Member States and third countries, such as the interconnector that Nord Stream 2 AG intends to operate, has the consequence of subjecting the operation of that interconnector to the rules laid down by the latter directive.

Therefore, the Court finds that the amending directive directly affects the legal situation of Nord Stream 2 AG, with the result that, by arriving at the opposite conclusion on that point, the General Court committed an error of law. ...

CURIA, full text
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Nord Stream 2 to Put End to "ukrainian Monopoly" in Gas Transit, if It Makes It Past the EU Gas Directiv, 19 Feb 2019
the head of the Austrian OMV concern involved in the implementation of the Nord Stream 2 project Rainer Seele said in an interview with the German publication Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. After the launch of the gas pipeline, Eastern European countries will lose their ability to set too high transit prices, which is a positive thing in regard to competition, Seele said.
Separately, EADaily [EurAsia Daily] reported on the upcoming amendment to [EU] gas directive. After it, Nord Stream 2 will be able to work at half capacity and its management will be transferred to an operator independent from Gazprom.

The final version of the EU gas direct[ive] appears to be a compromise between France and Germany. Germany, having concluded an intergovernmental agreement with Russia, can make an exception and not demand that Nord Stream 2 be controlled by an independent operator, and half of its capacity be reserved for independent suppliers.
If Nord Stream 2 is limited to 50%, then half of the gas planned for delivery via it, the other 27.5 billion cubic meters, will have to be transferred via the Ukrainian route. And this is an additional $750 million a year in transit payments with an increase in the cost of transporting gas through the Nord Stream 2 due to underloading. ...

DW | Russia's Gazprom says no sign of Nord Steam 1 turbine, 16 July 2022
Despite the waiver, Gazprom has said it does not know if the turbine -- which is used at a compressor station for Nord Stream 1 -- will be returned.

"On July 15, Gazprom submitted an official request to Siemens to obtain the documents... to allow the export of the gas turbine engine of the Portovaya [Bay] station, a critical facility for the Nord Stream gas pipeline," the firm said in a statement.
The turbine is believed to still be in Canada, with a spokesman for Siemens saying company experts were "working intensively on all other formal approvals and logistics." ... Trudeau said the "difficult decision" to allow these parts to be shipped to Germany was taken to avoid a possible major energy crisis in Europe, and to prevent popular support for the West's backing of Ukraine from ebbing away....

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eurativ | Lithuania won't challenge Brussels over Kaliningrad to avoid 'victory' for Russia, 14 July
Speaking in Vilnius a day after the decision, [Lithuanian PM Ingrida] Šimonytė said Lithuanian institutions are welcoming the parts of clarification regarding military and dual-use goods, the technology transit as well as monitoring the amounts of goods.
archived ec.europa.eu sanction "clarification" | ruble payment
Lithuanian institutions will take into account the clarification "but not because we think that there was something done wrong from 17 June, but because there were no clarifications or official explanations", she added.
Should Lithuania refuse to agree and align with the clarifications, the case would have to be looked at in the EU's top court, and Šimonytė it would be "irrational" to continue the discussions. "If we would give a lot of time for this debate, this would be a real victory of the Kremlin".
archived Berlin & Brussels push, Borell facts, ending unanimity,  e pluribus whot whot
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APsplainin 'The money is gone': Evacuated Ukrainians forced to return, 25 July
Anna Protsenko was killed two days after returning home. The 35-year-old had done what authorities wanted: She evacuated eastern Ukraine's Donetsk region as Russian forces move closer. But starting a new life elsewhere had been uncomfortable and expensive.
Costs in Dnipro, already full of evacuees, were another concern. "We stayed with relatives, but if we needed to rent it would have been a lot more," [Oksana] Tserkovnyi said. "It starts at 6,000 hryvnia ($200) a month for a studio, and you won't be able to find it."

Taxi drivers who wait in Pokrovsk for the arriving train said many people give up on trying to resettle elsewhere.

"Half my work for sure is taking these people," said one driver, Vitalii Anikieiev. "Because the money is gone."

In mid-July, he said, he picked up a woman who was coming home from Poland after feeling out of place there. When they reached her village near the front line, there was a crater where her house had been.

syndicated: ru.euronews | Ukrainians are forced to return to the war zone, 25 July
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