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How Biden bungled the Pelosi trip | Politico |

Speaker Nancy Pelosi concluded her whirlwind 19-hour visit to Taiwan Wednesday, leaving behind fevered messaging on both sides of the Taiwan Strait about the significance of her visit.

But she'll return to a muddled mess in Washington, bracketed by warnings from journalists [NYT] and China experts [NYT] about the long-term damage that her visit may have inflicted and rare GOP lawmaker applause for thumbing her nose at Beijing.

What may linger longest is how the Biden administration's fumbling of the public narrative for Pelosi's trip bolstered the Chinese government's depiction of her journey as an inflammatory escalation in U.S. engagement with Taiwan.

Taiwan expressed near-rapture -- electronic welcome billboards with heart emojis lit up the Taipei 101 skyscraper and Pelosi was bestowed with a government honor called the Order of the Propitious Clouds with Special Grand Cordon.

Members US Congress are infantile at best IMO - thumbing your nose at 1.4 billion Chinese - and most dangerous at worst in global politics. In last two decades the American anger has translated into unnecessary wars and hostile confrontation. Much has changed in 25 years when Newt Gingrich had 3-day visit to Beijing before his Taiwan visit. In fact, he eased tensions and invited Chinese lawmakers for a counter visit to Washington DC. Pelosi is arrogant, power hungry and condescending to China leadership. Members US Congress been consistently on the wrong side of history based on lies and propaganda.

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