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Ukraine Agricultural Production and Trade | USDA - April 2022 |

Exports of Ukrainian corn to the European Union: a misinterpretation of the new silk roads? - May 2019

China and Ukraine have been stepping up diplomatic meetings and partnership agreements since 2011. Ukraine is indeed a strategic issue on the new Chinese silk roads: it is "the first European country" on these new roads. The signing of a "Sino-Ukrainian Strategic Partnership Development Plan (2014-2018)" has, in particular, led to significant investment in infrastructure for trade between Ukraine and China. On the grain issue, China signed a loan for grain agreement with Ukraine in 2012. This agreement, which runs for 15 years, provides for a Chinese investment of US $ 1.5 billion, in exchange of which Ukraine has pledged to deliver 5 million tonnes of grain each year, including 2 million tonnes of maize, to the China National Complete Engineering Corporation (State grain enterprise).

Volodymyr Zelensky's win in the elections for president of Ukraine in May 2019, followed by his party Servant of the Nation's victory in the parliamentary elections, brought a change to Ukrainian rhetoric. Kyiv resumed its search for a foreign policy direction that went beyond containment of Russia and integration with the West, and started to look again at China.

The new Ukrainian foreign minister, Dmytro Kuleba, declared Ukraine's active participation in China's Belt and Road Initiative in a policy paper published shortly after his appointment in March 2020. He described it as an opportunity to break the country's unfavourable geopolitical position of being "stuck in the US-EU-Russia triangle".

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