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Soviet FM Gromyko speech at UN founding of the state of Israel

Gromyko Addresses the United Nations | May 14, 1947 |

On May 14, Soviet Foreign Minister Andre Gromyko addresses the Special Session on the issue of Palestine. Gromyko highlights the failures of the Mandate system in Palestine, especially its inability to solve the "question of mutual relations between the Arabs and the Jews, which is one of the most important and acute questions, and that this administration has not ensured the achievement of the aims laid down when the mandate was established."

He acknowledged the great suffering of the Jews during the War and the hardships which have been imposed on the survivors. Calling for action, he states, "The time has come to help these people, not by word, but by deeds." Gromyko also accepts the right of Jews for self-determination, stating that the inability of Western European States to protect their Jewish citizens, "explains the aspirations of the Jews to establish their own State. It would be unjust not to take this into consideration and to deny the right of the Jewish people to realize this aspiration. It would be unjustifiable to deny this right to the Jewish people, particularly in view of all it has undergone during the Second World War."

Palestine as a unitary republic with equal rights for all

Analysis and proposals by the democratic minority in the UN General Assembly of 1947 against the colonial partition plan voted on November 29, 1947.

The Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel (May 14, 1948)

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