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German ministers agree on final CAP plan, split on green rule suspension | EurActiv |

Though ministers prepared their final version of the plan, it remains open whether Germany will use the option offered by the EU Commission to also allow cultivation on fallow land in 2023 in view of the Ukraine war, which normally has to remain uncultivated in the interest of biodiversity.

Despite the success in finalising the strategic plan, dealing with the consequences of the Ukraine war remains a contentious issue between the federal and state governments.

While a majority of state ministers were in favour of relaxing environmental requirements and allowing temporary cultivation on fallow land during the meeting, according to Schulze, Özdemir was sceptical and first wants to "examine the option carefully".

For Germany not to risk cuts in EU subsidies, four per cent of arable land must be left fallow according to an environmental measure in the new CAP.

The German Implementation of Greening - Effectiveness, Participation & Policy Integration with the Agri-Environmental Programs

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