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Ukraine urges Trudeau to ship Siemens gas turbine to Kyiv, not Berlin ...

Canada caught between allies as Germany presses for return of Russian turbine

Canada faces a tough choice this weekend between angering Germany and offending Ukraine as it ponders the fate of a large gas turbine that has been undergoing repairs in the workshops of Siemens Energy Canada.

The turbine normally drives gas through the Nord Stream One pipeline that runs from Russia to Germany. Last month, while undergoing scheduled maintenance at a Siemens Energy facility in Montreal, the turbine was caught up in sanctions the Trudeau government brought against its owner, Russian oil and gas giant Gazprom.

Russia responded by cutting the flow of gas through the pipeline by 60 per cent. It has said since that unless the turbine is returned by Monday, July 11, it will not restore normal flow.

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Siemens to supply industrial gas turbines for gas processing facility in Alberta, Canada

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That there is some Lithuania-quality comedy in the annals of the NEW! "rules-based" order of "favored nation" sanction waiver eligibility.

The German finance ministry indicated that "if it makes taking the decision easier for the Canadians in the legal sense," Germany could propose Ottawa send Berlin the machinery rather than to Gazprom [evidently in] Russia[n territory rather than 20K leagues under the Baltic Sea.]
< wipes tears >
"We are asking Canada to not return the Gazprom turbine to [OEM Siemens Energy.de], but to Ukraine," Sergiy Makogon, the chief executive officer of Ukraine's gas transmission system OGTSU wrote on Facebook earlier.
I reckon, they think they can use it to replace the one they sabotaged in May.
"Ukraine can transport the totality of Nord Stream volume [supplied by RUSSIA]," said Makogon, referring to the Yamal pipeline which passes through [BELARUS on the way to] Poland [BUT NOT URAINE]

Around 50% of all natural gas from the Russian Federation is transited by the Ukrainian GTS.
Expiration of the valid contract with Gazprom: 1 Jan 2020
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The Turbine, 2 months ago

Ukraine to halt key Russian gas transit to Europe, use alternative: transfer from Novopskov compressor station in Luhansk to Sudzha connection in Kharkiv region

The Turbine, 1 month ago

The issue is not in commerce but in politics: the Ukrainian GTS is ready to compensate for the volume of Nord Stream-1, but Gazprom does not use even the booked capacity, 15 June

As of 15 June 2022, the capacity of the Ukrainian GTS booked and paid for by Gazprom [but not diverted from Luhansk entry point to] the Sudzha entry point amounts to 77.2 million cubic meters per day. The current actual level of [Russian gas] does not exceed 42 million cubic meters per day. Gazprom can use 35 million cubic meters per day of booked capacity without additional actions or costs.
Gas TSO of Ukraine called on the European Parliament to protect Ukrainian consumers by stopping Nord Stream-1, 16 June
In their address to the MEPs, Sergiy Makogon and Farid Safarov reiterated the importance of the Ukrainian GTS, which has dual use: [Russian] gas transit to the EU and [Russian] gas supply to domestic consumers for humanitarian use - heating and cooking. Preservation of [Russian gas] transit via the territory of Ukraine until the introduction of a total ["]embargo["] on Russian gas [exports by the RF] protects [?] the Ukrainian gas transportation infrastructure from deliberate destruction by the Russian occupiers. And the continuation of [Russian gas] transit via the Ukrainian route is possible in case of blocking alternative gas supply routes to Europe and limiting the use of Nord Stream-1.
In addition, the Yamal-Europe pipeline, which transits natural gas from Russia to Germany via [Belarus and] Poland and has a capacity of about 90 million cubic meters per day, has not been used for more than a month since Poland rejected Russian gas delivery. Accordingly, if Gazprom does not want to book the capacity of the indicated pipeline, its customers have an opportunity to do so themselves, having determined the border between Poland and Belarus as the gas delivery point.

euractiv | Ukraine cries foul as Canada sends Nord Stream 1 turbine to Germany, 11 July

Ukraine's energy and foreign ministries said on Sunday they were "deeply disappointed" by Canada's decision to hand back the repaired turbine to [Siemens Energy AG in] Germany.

The statement,

This dangerous precedent violates international solidarity, goes against the principle of the rule of law and will have only one consequence: it will strengthen moscow's sense of impunity.

russia is able continue to supply gas to Germany in full without this turbine[ or EU Russian gas "embargo"].

Firstly, the Nord Stream 1 compressor station is equipped with several turbines, including backup ones. One of the turbines is currently in Canada. However, according to gazprom's decision, only three turbines are currently operating, several others have been turned off without explanation. Transportation volumes have been reduced by russia from 167 to 67 million cubic meters (mcm) of [Russian] gas per day.

Secondly, russia is able to continue uninterrupted gas supplies to the EU even if for some reason transportation through Nord Stream 1 is impossible. In particular, russia can use the transit capacity through Ukraine that gazprom has already paid for. Currently, gazprom uses less than 40% of the [TSOUA] contracted capacity...

published on the energy [sic] ministry's website, called on the Canadian government to reverse its decision and said that returning the turbine would amount to adjusting the sanctions imposed [by NATO members] on Moscow "to the whims of Russia."
rather than material risks associated with any gas delivery across the UA in a Donbas artillary PANDEMIC
by Cat on Tue Jul 12th, 2022 at 01:38:19 AM EST
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