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Of course all "sources" used in this CNN article are anonymous.

CNN spoke with several Western officials and diplomats who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Getting On the Biden Bandwagon Was the Easy Part - 180 Days

A grim winter will test Europe's support for Ukraine like never before | CNN News |

On top of the economic and military costs affecting the generosity of the West, there is also serious concern that the world starts to experience war fatigue as the conflict stagnates.

"Back in February, it was easy to jump on the anti-Putin bandwagon. Now the war is in the boring strategic stage. There are fewer daily gains and losses and there are fewer photo opportunities," says a NATO diplomat.

Of course, this won't be as straightforward as countries simply withdrawing their support. But it might involve countries changing the parameters of exactly what outcome they support.

Some Western European countries, most notably Germany and France, have said publicly that dialogue will have to exist between the West and Moscow. [Not true for Olaf Scholz - Oui] French President Emmanuel Macron has repeatedly said that he believes at some point negotiations will need to take place between Russia and Ukraine, while Germany Chancellor Olaf Scholz has come under fire for mixed messaging on Russian gas and most recently on whether or not Europe should ban Russians from obtaining travel visas.

"Do we all still have the same view of the end game? Is it just getting back to the borders of before Russia invaded? Or is it back to pre-2014, before Russia annexed Crimea? And will we deal with Putin after the war or will he need to stand down," says a European diplomat. "These are the long-term questions we need to be asking, but are not. It's better not to ask these questions right now."

A younger Green generation in Germany have shed feathers of pacifism and are most war hawkish in the Ampel-Koalition of Olaf Scholz.

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Wer ist "wir"? | FD - July 27, 2022 |

Escalations harbor the danger of exclusion

This position is not represented by the Federal Chancellor, but by large parts of the traffic light-colored party spectrum, by the majority in the CDU and CSU anyway. For example, Ralf Fücks, a former top politician in the Greens , accuses dissenters of "submissive pacifism" - a particularly striking but not the only example of the tone of the debate.

Behind such harshness is likely to be genuine desperation at the doom Putin is bringing to the people of Ukraine. But escalations of this kind also harbor the danger of excluding from the "we" those who come to different conclusions out of just as honest desperation - such as the sociologist Hartmut Rosa, who in response to Fücks' accusations has again called for ways in Der Spiegel to explore negotiations with Moscow.

  • Whiff of Munich In the Air

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    Russia must be defeated, demand top politicians in Berlin. According to Green Party thinker Ralf Fücks, anyone who doesn't see no alternative to the war against the alleged Hitler revenant #Putin is a "subjugation pacifist". A reply. (S+)

  • Axis Berlin-Paris Deters NATO War Provocation
  • For the Greens, a responsible climate policy is the sine qua non for participation in an SPD-led federal government, says the co-founder of the Center for Liberal Modernity, the former Green politician Ralf Fücks, in SWR2.

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    Ralf Fücks is the managing partner of the Zentrum Liberale Moderne and previously worked for 21 years on the board of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, the political foundation of the Greens. Before that he was co-chairman of the Green Party (1989/90) and Senator for the Environment and Urban Development in Bremen.

    What's In A Name?

    Ralf Fücks as agent provocateur, a war hawk who refuses dialogue ... another Rasputin.

    Russland Verstehen

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    See long lists of articles written about confrontation with fossil fuel superpower Russia today.

    Die langen Linien des rus­si­schen Imperialismus | 9. Jun 2022 |

    Ralf Fücks calling for regime change??

    Der Kli­ma­wan­del und die fossile Groß­macht Russland | 4. Mrz 2021 |

    It remains questionable to what extent the current Russian leadership is willing and able to initiate an ecological change of course that calls the previous system into question. In contrast, reform-oriented forces in Russia see climate policy and ecological modernization as one of the few fields in which constructive cooperation seems possible despite ongoing political tensions. An ecological transformation of Russia could become the motor for overdue economic and political reforms.

    Another advisor to German politics who has no understanding of UN Charter definition of sovereignty.

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