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Of course all "sources" used in this CNN article are anonymous.

CNN spoke with several Western officials and diplomats who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Getting On the Biden Bandwagon Was the Easy Part - 180 Days

A grim winter will test Europe's support for Ukraine like never before | CNN News |

On top of the economic and military costs affecting the generosity of the West, there is also serious concern that the world starts to experience war fatigue as the conflict stagnates.

"Back in February, it was easy to jump on the anti-Putin bandwagon. Now the war is in the boring strategic stage. There are fewer daily gains and losses and there are fewer photo opportunities," says a NATO diplomat.

Of course, this won't be as straightforward as countries simply withdrawing their support. But it might involve countries changing the parameters of exactly what outcome they support.

Some Western European countries, most notably Germany and France, have said publicly that dialogue will have to exist between the West and Moscow. [Not true for Olaf Scholz - Oui] French President Emmanuel Macron has repeatedly said that he believes at some point negotiations will need to take place between Russia and Ukraine, while Germany Chancellor Olaf Scholz has come under fire for mixed messaging on Russian gas and most recently on whether or not Europe should ban Russians from obtaining travel visas.

"Do we all still have the same view of the end game? Is it just getting back to the borders of before Russia invaded? Or is it back to pre-2014, before Russia annexed Crimea? And will we deal with Putin after the war or will he need to stand down," says a European diplomat. "These are the long-term questions we need to be asking, but are not. It's better not to ask these questions right now."

A younger Green generation in Germany have shed feathers of pacifism and are most war hawkish in the Ampel-Koalition of Olaf Scholz.

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