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Atlantic Council Ivo Daalder and John Kerry promised US foreign policy intent: "to make Russia a pariah state".

Washington DC, 4 March 2022: The world is on edge, and with good reason.

Not really helping things? Lindsey Graham taking to Twitter and calling on random Russian citizens to assassinate their president.

Some Twitter users demanded that the company remove Graham's tweet, but it has remained online because the platform generally allows elected officials greater leeway in expressing views than ordinary citizens.

Twitter's rules allow for a "public-interest exception" in which government figures or elected officials can express themselves freely "given the significant public interest in knowing and being able to discuss their actions and statements."

Twitter still chose to leave up the post despite its rules stating that any government figure who tweets a "declarative call to action that could harm a specific individual or group" would have the content censored.

Graham's initial post was referring to Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, who failed in his attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler with a suitcase bomb during a Nazi council of war on July 21, 1944.

Biden in Warsaw speech calls for regime change.

In what is being perceived as a major 'verbal escalation', US President Joe Biden on March 26, called his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, a 'butcher'.

Interestingly the comments have escalated the debate beyond US and Russia, with France wading into the matter. French President Emmanuel Macron warned against 'verbal escalation' with Moscow and called for a 'diplomatic' route instead. Macron told France 3 that the world wanted a ceasefire or a withdrawal of Russian troops, "we can't escalate either in words or actions".

Joe Biden wants war and confrontation with personal foe Vlad Putin. Ukraine was meant historically to bear the brunt for "freedom." Throwing oil on the fire, no chance for a ceasefire, as Biden will veto any attempt until total victory. Zelensky is quite confident ...

Pandora Papers: Network of offshore companies revealed by document leak threaten the Ukrainian president's political future, analysts say | Al Jazeera - Oct. 5, 2921 |

Joe Biden made Zelensky an offer he couldn't refuse ... slowly the strategy from the White House and NATO HQ in Brussels began to shift. Biden Knows What He's Doing With Putin

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