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hydrogen cracking from
• water
• biomass gasification
• ammonia
• "clean coal"
• refined crude
• refined NG, LNG
• steel fab

European Corporate Observatory (CEO)

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As a matter of principle, the notion of "renewable hydrogen" under the REDII and that of "sustainable hydrogen production activities" under the EU Taxonomy are distinct concepts subject to separate legal regimes. The advantages conferred on "renewable hydrogen" under EU and national laws are not necessarily applicable to hydrogen produced in a "sustainable" way under the EU Taxonomy, and vice versa. In particular, under the EU Taxonomy, the production of hydrogen -- and other hydrogen-based fuels -- can be deemed "sustainable" even if the energy used is not renewable, so long as such production meets the greenhouse gas emissions thresholds outlined in Section 3.10 of Annex I of the Climate Delegated Act under the Taxonomy Regulation.
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