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Can't say that I object.

Ukraine already is a NPT signatory. IF Ukraine can't comply with terms today, larding "Ukraine's competent authorities" with exclusive prerogatives (1/14 NPPs) won't guaranty safety compliance -OR- reliably service to EU's dysfunctional, investor-owned electricity transmission operators in future. Ukraine's 37-year-old past performance and maintenance record is not to be dismissed. Encouraging NATO stooges to saddle this white elephant is unnecessary and dangerous.

The True Lifespan of a Nuclear Power Plant: 40 years
Zaporizh* Nuclear Power Plant service history, 1985-1995

I note with interest, Guardian omitted sources behind this UN "joint statement"; also, omissions of material fact such as Zaporzh* NPP's tenous connection to Continental European Power System (ENTSO-E) before 24 Feb 2022 and subsquent "trial" disconnections from the RF "power grid" and Russian gas transitting Ukraine after 24 Feb.

SWP | Connecting Ukraine to Europe's Electricity Grid, 21 July 2021

Connecting Ukraine to the continental European power grid and the EU's electricity market is on the political agenda. However, establishing the necessary grid connec­tions is technically complicated and also requires profound reforms ...
Bloomberg | Ukraine Starts Trial Connection to European Electricity Grid, 16 Mar 2022
The power grids of Ukraine and Moldova have been synchronized with the continental European network on a trial basis, grid association Entsoe said in statement.
VOA | Ukraine Joins European Grid, Ends Dependence on Russia, 16 Mar stretch goal
Belgium-based ENTSO-E, which represents dozens of transmission system operators in Europe, said the electricity grids of Ukraine and its smaller neighbor Moldova were successfully synchronized with the Continental European Power System on a trial basis.

"This is a significant milestone," the group said.
ENTSO-E, whose 39 members operate the world's largest interconnected electrical grid, said the move means they will be able to help maintain the stability of the Ukrainian and Moldovan power systems.

The two countries were previously part of the Integrated Power System that also includes Russia and Belarus. This made Ukraine dependent on Russia's grid operator despite having had no electricity trade between the two countries for years.

by Cat on Sat Aug 27th, 2022 at 04:04:35 PM EST

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