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Kyiv Independent | Germany paid for Russian gas with its "security and independence", 28 Aug
German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock told the German newspaper Bild that Germany had to "put an end to the self-deception that we ever received cheap gas from Russia." "Ukrainians paid for it thousands of times with their lives," she said. Baerbock also called gas pipelines "weapons in a hybrid war," accusing Russian dictator Vladimir Putin of stopping the gas flow and being responsible for Russia's war.
(Encore performance? Or troll call? RIA Novosti reprised this remark, purportedly heard today at a German Foreign Ministry event which I could not verify)

eadaily | "You must burn everything but tires!" -- Kaczynski addressed the freezing Poles, 6 Sep

At a meeting with voters in the city of Nowy Targe, the politician said that "everything except tires or similar harmful things" should be burned.
"Nowadays, you have to burn everything, except for tires and things like that, of course. Because Poland just needs to be warmed up. There is a certain tradition of burning here, by the way, in many places there is still such a tradition of burning wood, so it is safe to burn in this way,"  said Jarosław Kaczynski.
Polish political scientist Mateusz Piskorski , commenting on the politician's words, gives a historical parallel...
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