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US Will Be Ousted by Saudi King Abdullah in Middle-East | Feb 27, 2013 |

Brzezinski Promises the Mujahideen they will retrieve their Lands from the Soviet Union ... we'll make them bleed!

Speech at border start of the CIA and Pentagon funding Islamic terrorists which would cause a lot of blowback through leader Osama bin Laden. It took four decades until the land promise was fulfilled when the Taliban ousted America and its NATO allies from Afghanistan.

"Excellent Propaganda" Zbigniew Brzezinski's Narrative for the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan | CUNY Academics - 2019 |

Look who bragged he was present by the first delivery of CIA Stinger missiles to the Saudi led and funded Mujahideen, British citizen and roving reporter Radek Sikorski. Later reinstated Polish citizenship he played a key role in Anti-Russian policy in Poland and nearly became Prime Minister. In that case his partner Anne Applebaum would have become First Lady ...

Radek Sikorski Returns to Ukraine's Headlines: Putin's Coup | Oct 21, 2014 |

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