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To add to the choices being made by the centre-right:

This summer at the yearly Almedalsevent a mentally ill nazi straight up murdered an elderly female psychiatrist when she exited a seminar. It has since come to light that his main target was the youngish female leader of the Centre party (which has made deals to support the Social Democrats and made clear that she will not collaborate with the far right).

This August the left wing paper ETC ran a series of articles on the Sweden Democrats online hate mill, where they - party financed and to the tunes of far rights music - run hate campaigns with a bunch of phony accounts on social media. This was hardly a surprise for anyone who has visited social media in the last decade, but they had former insiders giving them the details.

If it had been a crazed commie aiming for the Christian Democrats leader this summer, and it had turned out that the left party had a basement division running hate campaigns online, every single interview with them or with any party that considered collaborating with the left would have been about their hate mill and how it kills people.

But in this case somehow it wasn't worth following up on from the larger media.

by fjallstrom on Thu Sep 15th, 2022 at 09:21:56 AM EST

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