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Swedish election: The astonishing rise of the right-wing Sweden Democrats

The party made its debut in the Riksdag in 2010 when it gained almost 6% of the vote. But it struggled to gain traction and was considered a pariah in coalition-building. That changed after the migration crisis of 2015.

Sweden Democrats go mainstream

Due largely to the civil war in Syria, Europe was faced with a wave of largely Muslim refugees in 2015. Over the course of one year, 1.3 million people fled to Europe; Sweden took in some 163,000 asylum-seekers (Germany's Angela Merkel took in around one million).

The Rise of Sweden Democrats: Islam, Populism and the End of Swedish Exceptionalism

Witnessed for over a decade now, the developments in Europe after 9/11 ...

Islamophobia >> Xenophobia >> Russophobia

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